Stop right-wing populist and racist speech: Five tips to react professionally

In memory of the victims of racist or religious fundamental extremist violence

Dear Friends,

when I published this post on my Instagram and Facebook account on October 5th, 2019, I couldn’t know that only four days later, two people would die and more would be injured by what is assumed to be a far-right terror attack in Halle, Germany (see for example WSJ for more information). So, it is a sad need to step our efforts to counter hate and violence spreading across our world, and here is a recommendation what you personally can do to contribute to a humane world!

Here my original post, published Oct 5th, 2019:

Have you also encountered or dealt with right-wing populist and racist speech? But didn’t you counter at all the insult, hate or sedition because you didn’t know how to do it properly? Or if you did, didn’t you feel good because you felt emotionally attacked and couldn’t follow your strategy through to speak up against the violation of human rights?
I’ve been in this situation, too. I didn’t like it one bit. So I went searching for help and found an article published in the German magac Karriere Spiegel. IIt contains tips from renowned experts. But, as I’ve many friends not speaking German and the article is rather long, I summed up the most important strategies into five tips. You can easily save these tips on your phone. Next time you observe a person making misanthropic comments, you have these tips, ready to react and stand up for humanity and against hate.






The tips were taken from an article published in Karriere Spiegel. Please take your time to read the full article.

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