Who I am


Jenny Friedl, MSSc


Mainstays Of Professional Activity

  1. 7½ years of experience in the development, design and implementation of sustainable and effective work and learning processes in Higher Education: + More
  2. 7½ years of experience in the training and development of more than 1,200 people in psychological literacy in Higher Education : + More
  3. 3½ years of experience in supporting executive functions in international projects in the military aviation industry, contract value/project 10-30 m Euro, AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH
  4. >15 years of successful comunication and cooperation with people from different cultures and countries as well as working effectively in different teams, industries, working cultures and countries

Skills in a nutshell

Analysing, organising, implementing, evaluating, improving and developing work and learning processes from a psychological perspective and at the same time creating and facilitating a collaborative and results-driven work environment in German, Swedish and English.


Nominated for Best Teacher in 2018 among the 755 teachers at Karlstads university by the student union Karlstads studentkår.


  • Leading teams by keeping the team focused on its goals, maintaining a collaborative climate, building commitment, setting priorities and managing performance,
  • Responsive to people’s needs and thoughts, supporting them to achieve their goals,
  • Open to new experiences, new skills and the willingness to learn new things,
  • Perseverance, diligence and commitment in achieving goals, and
  • Staying calm but focused on the task in challenging situations in order to solve the situation constructively.


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