About me

Jenny Friedl, Social scientist in psychology (MSSc)

I’ve worked in the construction business (Seeberger Friedl Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Germany), the military aviation industry (AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH, Austria), in higher education (Karlstads Universitet, Sweden) and in professional training (Rose Sprachschule, Austria). I have studied psychology, HR, and construction work. I am currently furthering my understanding about how we can create climate safe and sustainable cities/districts by studying the master programme Risk Management at the University of Karlstad.

Plant a good seed in the right spot, and it will grow without coaxing.“ – Dr. B. J. Fogg

Creating for people the best conditions to grow, needs a solid foundation about human behaviour.

B. J. Foggs PhD Behaviour Model presents three key ingredients that are necessary that people can learn new behaviours and skills, further their knowledge (learning is also a behaviour) or change a habit or mindset.

I base my actions, structures, courses, trainings, workshops and interventions on this model when applying my knowledge about human mind and behaviour.