Get Inspired

I love teaching.

„It’s a superpower – but you have to know your kryptonite“ (R. A. Gurung, professor in psychology)

One of the things I regularly do to keep up my passion, dedication to excellence in teaching and knowledge, is either to read or to write a blog post myself.

If you are looking for inspiration then you are welcome to scroll down this page. I’m sure you’ll find something that inspires you.

Links to articles, books, blogs, and videos I found inspiring

And lastly, posts of my own

Lead By Example

Yesterday evening, I talked to one of friends who lives by her own. She is a 70 year old lady and a role model: She worked her whole life, took care of her children and opened up her home for foster children as well. She is curious about the world, reads a lot, likes to„Lead By Example“ weiterlesen

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