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I am a social scientist in psychology with a focus on learning, organisation and the environment.

For me, everything revolves around how people think and feel, how they learn and develop, and how they understand the world – as well as how the social and physical world shapes people’s mind and behaviour.

My task is to pass on my knowledge about human behaviour in trainings, courses and workshops as well as to develop strategies and structures with the help of scientific methods to support people in staying healthy and efficient and being able to live a sustainable life.

Healthy thinking, being able to tackle stress and intense feeling?

You can learn the necessary skills in my trainings.

Informational clip about the wellbeing workout for teens.

Preparing teens optimally for the challenges of life is not an easy task for parents. With my Wellbeing-workout for Teens training, I offer teens support in developing their mental skills. This means they learn how to successfully deal with challenging and difficult situations, how to take care of their mental health and wellbeing and how to develop a healthy self-esteem.

Being successful in college and professional training?

You can learn the necessary skills in my trainings.

If you are looking for a course for trainees and students that teaches skills to be successful in training and college, then I can recommend my Psychology of Success training to you:

Creating effective work structures, working goal- solution orientated in a team, and mastering difficult situations as a win-win and not as a win-lose?

You can learn the necessary skills in my trainings.

Building sidewalks that foster people’s health?

You can learn the necessary skills in my trainings.

Informational clip healthy by walking

Coping effectively with changes in your life caused by climate change?

You can learn the necessary skills in my trainings.

Informationsclip Resilienz im Klimawandel.

In the training Climate Change Resilience, I present knowledge about climate change, its effects on us and our wellbeing, as well as psychological strategies on how you can master the mental challenges that climate change impose on us.

Creating structures and measures so that people can behave environmental friendly?

You can learn the necessary skills in my trainings.

But also how we can increase our own as well as nature’s wellbeing.

Developing meaningful strategies and solutions, adapted to human beings, requires an analysis based on scientific criteria.

I’ll deliver that to you.

For example, in October 2021, I was asked to summarize psychological research on the quality of life of preschool children with bladder exstrophy and the impairment’s impact on their development, health, and function.

Four psychological implications were identified and analysed from a psychological perspective (potential causes and risk factors, symptoms and behaviors) in order to be able to understand how these affect the child’s development, health and functioning:

  • Stress
  • Destructive emotions and emotion regulation
  • Internalising and externalising behaviours
  • Bullying

Based on this analysis, I was able to write a recommendation as to what kind of measures are relevant and what the child’s psycho-social environment should look like in order to increase the child’s and its family’s quality of life.