Are there any pending changes at your organisation such as implementing new policies and guidelines, an organisational change or the realisation of training measures or have you been commissioned to carry out one of these measures?

We often rely only on one strategy to induce change: Information.

In most cases, it is however not sufficient to simply inform people about and why change is necessary and what is expected from them, and then to assume that they are going to implement new policies and guidelines, accept organisational change or take advantage of training measures.

The step from reading or listening to information to a sustainable and effective change in behaviour is usually a major challenge for most people. And that’s where psychological knowledge is needed.

I apply the latest psychological scientific knowledge on how people learn, develop, adapt to change, how they work in groups and what kind of support they need from their management, to create effective learning and work processes and organisational structures so that the desired change can successfully and sustainably happen.

Trainings, Coaching & Guidance in psychological competence

I offer trainings and guidance in psychological competence that expand your skill set so that you can not only can induce but shape change in [working]LIFE positively.

In the trainings, new and for the personal development facilitative ways to think and act are taught. In the trainings, guided hand ons are incorporated so that new knowledge can directly be practiced, analysed and improved so that the person can use her new skill set immediately and effectively in her [working] LIFE. Find about what which trainings I conduct and how I work under services.

Development of training concepts

You would like to implement and conduct a training in order to expand the skill set of your employees? I’d be happy to support you with my knowledge about how people effectively learn to help you develop a training concept that is suits your organisations needs. The basics for a successful training concept can be found under services.

Organisational development

You want to conduct an employee or customer survey to improve team work, work climate, work processes or leadership? Then you are exactly right here. Benefit from my experience and my specialist knowledge in evaluating, developing and implementing work and learning processes as well as from a strong sense of responsibility and the highest task commitment. I described how a survey in order to develop the organisation further can look like under services.

Professional mainstays

I’ve more than 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of effective and sustainable work and learning processes. Further, did I train and guide more than 1200 people in psychological competence at universities in Sweden. Through my career in three different countries, I aquired intercultural, communication and project management skills. Find out more about me here.

I work internationally. Online or on-site. Would you like to have access to my CV or an offer for one of the services I offer? Then please contact me.

I’m looking forward to your questions regarding personal and organisational development.

Jenny Friedl.