Geil Sheehy’s quote about change and growth captures what has motivates and engages me in my professional career:

  • I support people to learn with enthusiasm and work sustainably throughout their career, and
  • I develop and refine work and learning environments that create conditions that people can learn and perform effectively in order to develop their skills and knowledge further.

Learn more about how I work with these topics and how you can benefit from my knowledge and experience to increase your organisational agility on the following pages:

+ Who I am

+ What I do

My knowledge as well as the methods I apply are based on current scientific research results in the fields of:

  • Industrial, organisational and group psychology,
  • Leadership psychology,
  • Communication psychology
  • Educational psychology, and
  • Cognitive psychology.


If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know. I do appreciate constructive questions and/or feedback.