Climate Psychology

Earth warms up drastically due to our energy requirements.

Psychology has a series of effective tools that enable us to adapt to changes in our living conditions due to global warming .

Climate psychology is about understanding our human mind and behaviour in relation to our environment and the climate crisis. Questions such as why we collect paper, plastic and metal, and take it to the recycling centre, but still take the plane to go on vacation, are studied in climate psychology. Or the question, why do we think we are already doing enough to protect our climate when we could do much more? Climate psychology also shows solutions on how we can change our thinking and behaviour.

I have held a multi-day seminar (theory plus practice) in climate psychology at the University of Uppsala (Sweden) with the title „What can psychology contribute to a sustainable development?“ at the Department of Environmental Science. In the seminar following questions where covered:

(1) What is psychology: Basics of human thinking and behaviour?,

(2) Why is psychology important for sustainable development?,

(3) How can climate-friendly or climate-damaging behaviours be explained with the help of psychology?, and

(4) How must measures, interventions or campaigns be designed to support climate-friendly behaviour so that people will adapt or change their behavior effectively in the long term?

After the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to plan under my supervision an intervention or campaign, where they could put into practice what they had learned during the seminar.

During the seminar, the participants also learned how to analyse and evaluate measures, interventions and campaigns and if these lead to effective changes in behaviour.

If you are interested in a presentation, workshop or consultation, please contact me. I am happy to design the presentation/workshop according to your ideas.

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