Psychology of Success

Learn key ingredients about living a successful life in this workshop series

In this workshop series, the most important success factors are presented and trained with the help of hands-on exercises. In the first phase, questions like how do I define success, in which areas would I like to develop as well as questions who I am, what are my strengths, skills and goals, are addressed. After this initial phase, topics such as how I set achievable goals and how can I achieve these goals despite difficulties, are discussed. To achieve goals, it is important to develop a healthy self-esteem and self-discipline as well as positive thinking skills. That is why during this phase, specific exercises are carried out to strengthen these components in the particpatnts. In the final stage of the workshop series, the focus will lie on effective communication and how to build and maintain good, constructive relationships.

In the following an example

The Psychology of Student Success

This training concept was designed to help university students to approach their academic career with greater knowledge and practical strategies, so that they can master the various challenges while studying better. In each workshop, after a short scientific introduction to the workshop topic, the participants worked on and discussed by means of hands-on activities, key ingredients of student success regarding the topic together. The hands-on activities facilitate students‘ ability (1) to identify and learn functional strategies, and (2) will help students to evaluate and refine existing strategies that are relevant to academic performance, belonging and well-being.

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