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Trainings, concepts and analyses that actually work.

My trainings in psychological competence, my learning designs and my organisational analyses make a real difference on the ground –  because they support you in reaching your goals – individually and organisationally.

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I offer trainings in psychological competence, the development of tailor-made learning designs as well as the conduct of organisational analyses that support people, education facilities and companies to master educational, psychological and organisational challenges so that they easier can achieve their desired goals.

There are many advantages of improving the psychological competence. Enhancing psychological competence has positive effects on several human factors:

  • cognitive performance (e. g. learning, problem solving and decision making)
  • goal achievement, motivation and perseverance
  • well-being (e. g. stress management)
  • group performance and cohesion (e g communication skills, emotion regulation)

These human factors have an significant impact on organisational performance and an organisation’s ability to adapt successfully to new challenges and situations. Lectures and courses in schools, colleges and universities that take these factors into consideration, lead to improved student engagement, initiative taking and self-efficacy, which builds a collaborative and growth-mindset work environment. These improvements in turn result in that more students fullfill the requirements placed on them during a course. The number of days were students are absent and the number of drop-outs decrease.

Cognitive, educational, communication, work and organisational psychology developed powerful tools to develop and enhance these human factors. I apply these tools when I develop learning designs, conduct trainings and carry out organisational analyses for my customers – resulting in trainings, learning designs and analyses that actually work.

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