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You want to

  • achieve your goals, increase your motivation and perseverance?
  • enhance your performance, improve your ability to assess yourself and your competence?
  • increase your well-being, improve your coping skills to deal better with stressful situations?
  • improve your conversation skills to be able to work more results-orientated with other people together?
  • develop your leadership and team leadership skills further, as well as your knowledge about conflict prevention and resolution?
  • create a learning/work environment that facilitates effective and sustainable learning and working?
  • conduct an employee/customer survey to identify growth potential in your company?

Then you are exactly at the right place.

German version

Trainings, learning designs and organisational analyses that actually work.

I have been a teacher and social scientist in psychology for 10 years and apply my knowledge of how humans think, feel and act in order to constructively support people and organisations in their development. My „learning by doing“ training approach in psycho-social competence gives you the tools to help you master difficult situations in your private or work life.

The results

  • of my trainings are greater well-being, higher performance and better social relationships,
  • of applying one of my training concepts are concrete and measurable results in psycho-social competence,
  • of an employee or customer survey I have carried out, are tangible solutions about how you can improve work cooperation, work climate, customer service or your leadership.

My solutions are based on proven and the latest psychological scientific findings that are presented in peer-reviewed journals of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial and Organization Psychology, the Association for Psychological Science and other scientifically recognised associations and publishers.

Curious about my work approach?

I love to work with role-plays or case analyses in my trainings. I usually start the training with either a case or a role-play in order to make the participants aware of their own thought, emotional and behavioural patterns. This gives the participants the opportunity to think about the situations in which certain patterns emerge and whether the way they think, feel or behave in a certain situation, is facilitative or deliberative for themselves and people in their social environment. Only after we, the participants and I together, have identified patterns that deliberate the participant from improving her/his well-being, performance or relationshiops, do I start with the skill training in psycho-social competence.

Please take a moment and watch this 20 second long video clip.

>>>>>> insert video clip <<<<<<<<<<

Do you recognize one or more problems in your (work) life that are shown in the video clip?

Download the following document and take the time to answer the questions. Have you identified some areas in which you or your employees would like to develop further?

>>>>>> insert document <<<<<<<<<<

Have you identified some areas in psycho-social competence in which you or your employees would like to develop futher?

Only when we understand our thinking, our emoions and our behavior – and how we communicate and work together, can we become better at mastering challenges in our (work) life.

Let me support you with your project.

Contact me

Do you have questions about my services or can I help you in any other way with my knowledge and experience?

I work internationally and speak fluently German, Swedish and English.

Give me a call (+46 73-91 31 940) or write to me – easily and conveniently using the contact form. I’m looking forward to hear from you!

Feedback from my course participants

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