Jenny Friedl

Master of Social Science in Psychology

Keplerstrasse 22
84347, Pfarrkirchen

About me

  • Educational and psychological competence: Application of scientific theories and methods in the development and implementation of trainings (adult and higher education)
  • Organisational psychological competence: Analysis, organisation, implementation, evaluation, improvement and development of work and learning processes from a psychological perspective
  • Organisational competence: Administrative, technical and organisational support for project management (construction and military aviation industry)
  • Leadership skills: Fostering and maintaining a collaborative and results-oriented work culture
  • Personnel management skills: Implementation and coordination of recruitment, on- and offboarding, training and other HR measures
  • Linguistic competence: German, Swedish, English

This is how I teach

Teach with passion. Activate learners. Make learning meaningful.

Kind of education: Adult and Higher Education

Average class size: 10 – 60 persons

Subjects I teach: Introduction to psychology, biologic and cognitive psychology, group, organisational, work and leadership psychology, communication psychology, psychology of success, research methods and statistics

Four words that describe best my teaching style: Commited, enthusiastic, organised, and goal-orientated

My favourite lecture topic or course to teach: I most enjoy lectures that help my students to understand themselves better and how they can use this knowledge to improve their well-being, performance or their relationships with other people. Examples for topics are motivation, growth mindset theory, memory and learning strategies, emotion and emotion regulation, and group development

My favourite in-class activity or assignment: I love activities that really can make a difference in my students’ life’s.  For example, applying Bakker and Demeroutis Job-Demands-Resources model in the course Psychology of Organisations. This activity resulted in an improved capacity to cope functionally with stress in my students. They also learned how such a measure can be designed and implemented in an organisation. I like not only to show students how they to cope with stress successfully, but that difficult situations, that often generate stress and discomfort, can be of great value for their personal growth.

The best advice about teaching I’ve ever received is in Swedish and says: “Spänna bågen högt”, which means approach each and every student with having high expectations about her/his/their capability to master the course and its challenges successfully. With this approach in mind, I could observe how my students developed academically, socially, and emotionally beyond their own beliefs of what they could achieve.

„Jenny placed high demands on us. Our class tried to lower the requirements. But Jenny remained steadfast. Instead, she helped us to meet the requirements by designing lectures so we could acquire or develop the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the course through various exercises and assignments as well as through her coaching. Only after the course did I understand that Jenny believed in us and our potential to pass the course by not deviating from the requirements. That was one of the best experiences I ever had – and I’ve learned an incredible amount, too.“

Annika after the course „Psychology of Leadership“

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