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Studies carried out between 1924 and 1933 at Western Electric Company´s Hawthorne Works in Chicago showed that not only the physical work environment is important for people to work productively and efficiently, but that the psycho-social environment plays a decisive role in the productivity and efficiency of employees.

When managers started to incorporate psycho-social factors in their management, productivity increased by 30%, employee satisfaction and wellbeing rose, while employee abseentiism decreased (Harvard Business School).

Almost 100 years have passed since the Hawthorne Studies and our knowledge of how we create productive and positive-restless work conditions has grown steadily since then. In addition to individual factors, the interaction of employees, i.e. factors at the group and organisational level, are now taken into account in the conception of productive work environments, because research could show that these have a major influence on productivity and the work climate.

I work on all three Levels (individual, group, organisational) to create a productive, collaborative and positive-restless work environment or, in the case of training and further education, an effective, participatory and positive-restless learning environment.

Get to know the key factors and skills on an individual, group and organisational level and how they interact to create a productive and positive-restless working-/learning environment.

Trainings on all three levels (individual, group, organisational)

I offer trainings and guidance in psychological competence that expand your skill set so that you can not only can induce but shape change in (work) life positively. In thetrainings, new and for the personal development facilitative ways to think and act are taught. In the trainings, guided hand ons are incorporated so that new knowledge can directly be practiced, analysed and improved so that the person can use her new skill set immediately and effectively in her (work) life.

In the following document you’ll find a selection of different topcis that contribute to improving performance and work climate. From motivation, stress, learning to conversational skills to important issues in leadership, teamwork and conflict management.

I also offer workshops to following topics

  • In the Grip of the Group: How we can learn to live together peacefully despite our prejudices and stereotypical beliefs (Diversity, Identity and Inclusion)
  • How we can create sustainable change: How can we act more effectively with the help of psychological knowledge in order to limit the threat to our livelihood and to be able to adapt to the climate crisis (Clima Psychology). A workshop series I held at the Univesity of Uppsala
  • How we can create a working atmosphere that facilitats effective learning: Key ingredients and we can apply them in our everyday school life (Educational Psychology)

To illustrate the above stated skill enhancement in psychological competence, I have selected the training Psychology of Success, designed for a Collage in Germany, as an example for you:

Development of learning and training concepts

I’d be happy to support you with my knowledge about how people effectively learn to help you develop a training concept that suits your organisational needs.

In the following document I have summarised key components of effective trainings that support and facilitate personal growth – based on the latest and proven research results from psychology.

Conduct of employee or customer survey to identify growth potential in your company

Then you are exactly right here.In the example below, I conducted a customer survey for a hotel chain in Sweden. The hotel chain wanted to know how they could better adapt their service and the physical environment to the special needs of expatriates in their extended-stay hotels.

I interviewed 41 expatriates through focus group discussion and the results of this survey are summed-up in the following document:

Contact me

Do you have any questions about my services or can I help you in any other way with my knowledge and experience? Give me a call or write to me – easily and conveniently using the contact form. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I’m looking forward to hear from you!

You’ll find me here:

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