What I Can Do For You

You’d like to develop your own or the psychological competence of your employees/students further?

I offer trainings and guidance in psychological competence that expand your skill set so that you can not only can induce but shape change in (work) life positively. In thetrainings, new and for the personal development facilitative ways to think and act are taught. In the trainings, guided hand ons are incorporated so that new knowledge can directly be practiced, analysed and improved so that the person can use her new skill set immediately and effectively in her (work) life.

To illustrate the above stated skill enhancement in psychological competence, I have selected these three trainings as an example for you: Psychology of SuccessClimate PsychologyDiversity, Identity & Inclusion

You’d like to carry out a training in order to expand the skill set of your employees/students?

I’d be happy to support you with my knowledge about how people effectively learn to help you develop a training concept that suits your organisational needs.

For example, take a look at this training concept for the workshop series: Psychology of Success

You’d like to conduct an employee or customer survey to improve teamwork, working atmosphere or work processes?

Then you are exactly right here.

In the attached example, employees were asked about their experiences of living and working in a foreign country in order to improve the quality of life of posted employees: Staff Deployment

Latest projects

  • Development of training concepts/learning design

Please take a look at key ingredients in my latest training concept for an introductory workshop in climate psychology and sustainable development for a project in Sweden.

Through various activities, participants are encouraged to understand and reflect on how they perceive nature, how they feel and think when they are in nature, and, consequently, how these thoughts and feelings affect their relationship with nature, including how they react to threats like global warming.

Instead of taking a fact-based approach (see for example my workshop at Uppsala university in climate psychology), I choose an approach that focusses on the individual, her thoughts, feelings, her relationship to and her role in nature.

The reason to choose this approach is that research has shown that encouraging and fostering environment/climate friendly behaviour by only presenting information about causes of environmental destruction/global warming, is not a sufficient measure. Instead, you need to apply an approach that combines effectively different measures on the individual, social and structural level.

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